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What are the components of the universe? Based on the observed movements of various galaxies, scientists believe that the universe is composed of mysterious matter and moves regularly driven by mysterious energy.

According to a comprehensive report by Forbes, when thinking about the formation of the universe, pay attention to smaller structures such as the solar system. You will find that the farther away from the sun the planets move slower; while for larger cosmic structures such as the Milky Way, the situation is the same. The difference is that the stars in the center of the galaxy move at almost the same speed as those in the periphery.

This shows that there is a kind of substance in the universe that balances the relationship between stars and galaxies.

Moreover, when thinking about something as big as the universe, we cannot limit ourselves to the scope of a single galaxy, although the galaxy itself is already a very huge structure.

The current theory of the universe believes that the universe began with uniformly distributed matter, and then became the uneven state we observe now. The reason is a mysterious substance and energy.

This mysterious matter and energy are “dark matter” and “dark energy”.

For example, the density of galaxies such as the Milky Way is already millions of times the average density of the universe. Only “dark matter” and “dark energy” can allow scientists to explain why galaxies are in their current state.

Scientists also analyzed from a microscopic perspective and concluded that the things that support the formation of the universe are none other than “dark matter” and “dark energy”.

What particularly surprises scientists is that in recent years, the variable space-time effect predicted by Einstein (also known as “gravitational waves”) has been confirmed, and “dark matter” and “dark energy” can explain the existence of such gravitational waves.

According to reports, although scientists can explain phenomena in the universe with the help of “dark matter” and “dark energy”, “dark matter” and “dark energy”, as their names suggest, are substances and substances that cannot be directly observed by any current instrument. energy, and its source cannot be ascertained.

“Dark matter” and “dark energy” have such mysterious properties that they help scientists understand the universe without revealing its true identity.

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