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The California Institute of Technology in the United States has developed a bionic bat robot called Bat Bot (B2). Its appearance and flight movements are very similar to those of real bats, and it can fly autonomously. The research results will be published in the magazine “Science Robots”.

US develops bionic bat robot

The bionic bat has complex flaps and weighs only 93 grams. It is a completely self-controlled robot equipped with multiple sensors and a processor to help it position itself during flight and determine its elbows and hips. and the relative position of the joints. Instead of installing actuators on each joint of the Bat Bot B2, the researchers installed brakes only on the wing joints, making the body thinner and lighter.

Studying bat flight is an interesting subject. Researchers believe that in an environment where humans and robots must coexist, flying robots would be safer if they had soft, flexible wings and the ability to swerve, hover or make small turns in the air. Moreover, such flying robots can also perform search and rescue missions more effectively in complex environments.

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