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The top 10 scientific mysteries that plague mankind. Our researchers and scientists have been exploring these mysteries. We hope that they can solve these mysteries that plague mankind and solve people’s doubts as soon as possible.

Top 10 scientific mysteries that plague mankind

1.The mystery of aliens

Although people have been claiming to have discovered or contacted aliens over the past 100 years, many myths and legends seem to imply that ancient people have contacted aliens, and there are many miracles (such as the Nazca Lines and Stonehenge) that seem to support alien contact. Aliens visit the earth, and even Hawking believes that aliens exist. However, there is still no truly convincing evidence that there is life on planets beyond Earth, let alone aliens. Many scientists began to search for aliens while exploring space. Of course, if aliens really visit the earth one day, it will probably not be good news, but the beginning of disaster.

2. The mystery of the nature of time

What exactly is time? In the future, scientists can make time stand still as depicted in fantasy novels? If time can be stagnant, how should the activities of the person who caused time stasis be timed at the moment when time is stagnant? Is time travel possible in science fiction? Can traveling at the speed of light really keep people young forever? This tangled mess of problems may be completely solved once the physical nature of time is revealed.

3. The mystery of the origin of life

The most famous hypothesis currently explaining the origin of life is the “primordial soup” hypothesis: 4.5 billion years ago, a “primordial soup” of organic molecules was created in the earth’s oceans. These organic molecules were the reaction of methane in the primordial atmosphere by energy sources such as lightning. It is formed by the chemical reaction of , ammonia and hydrogen. However, this hypothesis has been met with various doubts. Many people insist that the “seeds” of life come from space, so where does this “seed” in space come from?

4. The mystery of the size of the universe

For many ancient people, the earth is an endless place. Of course, many people also wonder where the end of the “sky” is. With the development of science, we all know that the earth has edges and boundaries. Our current understanding of the boundaries of the universe is somewhat similar to the ancients’ understanding of the boundaries of the earth, both of which are limited by current limited measurement methods. At present, some people believe that the universe has boundaries, while others believe that the universe has no boundaries. The number of people in the former is greater than that in the latter. What lies beyond the boundaries of the universe? Some people think it is the void, and some people think it is another universe: there are many bubble-shaped universes in the vast space, and the universe we are in is just one of the bubbles.

5. The mystery of cosmic power

Many astronomers believe that the universe is not a big static “bubble”, but is constantly expanding. So, where does the source of power supporting the expansion of the universe come from? Will the universe one day burst like a soap bubble? Some scientists have proposed that the driving force for the expansion of the universe comes from dark energy. However, there is still no clue how to explore these dark energies.

6. The mystery of celestial gravity

All the celestial bodies in the universe are running non-stop, like a perpetual motion machine. Both Newton and Einstein believed that the force that provides the motion of celestial bodies comes from mutual gravitational attraction. So, what is the nature of gravity? Einstein said that the essence of gravity is the curvature of space and time, just like a big iron ball placed on paper. The paper will be bent, and the nearby small iron balls will approach the big iron ball along the curved surface. Fortunately, the gravitational force between the celestial bodies in the universe has reached an unimaginably delicate dynamic balance. As a result, all celestial bodies can go their own way without “colliding” with each other and causing a “traffic jam” in space.

7. The mystery of dark matter

Astronomy has discovered that the gravitational force in space is far greater than the gravitational force that visible matter can produce. So where does all this extra gravity come from? Scientists are happy to be “lazy” and guess that these gravitational forces come from some invisible matter, the famous dark matter. Are our unexplainable luck, soul, thinking, etc. all these dark matter secretly working?

8. The mystery of black holes

Dark matter, dark energy, and black holes are all words scientists use to describe astronomical phenomena that are difficult to explain. In space, there are some areas that astronomers cannot detect at all, so astronomers believe that there is a black hole there. Black holes not only do not emit any electromagnetic waves, but also absorb electromagnetic waves and other substances. This is why black holes cannot be detected using active or passive methods. Astronomers believe that “undetectable” can be regarded as a kind of detection. Wherever it cannot be detected, there is a black hole: the extent of the area where detection is not large, the extent of the influence of the black hole. Is this really the case?

9. The mystery of mass extinction

Will mankind perish? According to the paleontological evidence provided by geology, there have been many mass extinctions in the history of life evolution. According to this law, human beings will one day embark on this “path of no return.” Moreover, many environmentalists pessimistically believe that human beings’ “willfulness” has accelerated their own demise. So how did the mass extinction of life occur? There are various hypotheses, including meteorite impact theory, plague theory, climate change theory, etc. Understanding the mystery of mass extinction may provide more warnings to mankind.

10. The mystery of the causes of incurable diseases

Compared with the above-mentioned “high-level” mysteries, the mystery of the cause of disease is the mystery most likely to be solved in this century. Many incurable diseases (such as cancer and AIDS) are difficult to prevent and treat because scientists do not know how these cancers are formed. Of course, this mystery has been revealed bit by bit, and the nature of some cancers has been understood, making these cancers less scary. As more and more mysteries about the causes of diseases are revealed, more and more effective treatments will be available, and people will no longer have to worry about incurable diseases in the future.

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