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According to MacRumors, the Apple I computer built by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in 1976 was recently auctioned through charity auction website CharityBuzz, with all proceeds going to charity.

This extremely rare Apple I computer has gone up for auction

The computer, known as the Schoolsky Apple I, was sold by former Virginia Tech professor David Larson, who bought it for $3,500 in 1994 from Adam Schoolsky, who had purchased it from Wozniak. He got the device from Steve Jobs, a friend of Steve Jobs.

When Apple was first founded, the company hand-made 175 Apple I computers; only 50 to 60 machines survive today, and only a fraction are still functioning properly. The previous auction price for an Apple I computer was $905,000, and CharityBuzz’s last auction of an Apple I computer sold for $815,000.

In addition to the Apple I computer, the auction also comes with a number of other items to ensure the authenticity of the hardware, including the Apple I operating manual, original box, Apple I box interface card, the original Apple I promotional advertisement, an Letters written by Adam Schoolsky to David Larson and sketches drawn by veteran Apple employee Ron Wayne, etc.

The Apple I box interface card is very rare on Apple I computers, as most surviving machines do not contain this design. At that time, Apple hoped to use this cassette interface card to connect Apple I computers and cassette recorders.

It is understood that all funds raised from the auction of this Apple I computer will be donated to FAIRS, a non-profit organization in Virginia. This organization was established in 1991 and mainly provides emergency radio equipment, education to individuals, communities and governments in developing countries and other services.

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