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Speaking of “the world’s smallest laptop“, friends who have experienced the UMPC and netbook era will actually be familiar with it. Sony has launched many ultra-small PCs, such as VAIO P, which were a hit.

The world's smallest laptop

Of course, in the “post-PC” era, the rapid development of mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets has replaced the light use needs of netbooks; and due to poor performance and bloated systems, netbooks can obviously only withdraw from the stage.

However, ultra-small notebooks have not completely disappeared. For example, GPD Pocket is a 7-inch Windows 10 notebook, which is basically the smallest notebook product on the market.

How small is the GPD Pocket? Let’s put it this way, it’s not much bigger than an Xbox One controller, with a length of only 18 centimeters and a thickness of only 2 centimeters, which is smaller than a 10-inch iPad. The difference is that because it is still a “notebook”, it has a complete physical QWERTY keyboard and can run a complete Windows 10 system, which is something that Android tablets and iPads do not have.

GPD Pocket adopts a full metal casing, the aluminum alloy body has good texture, the 190-degree rotating shaft is strong and stable, and the 1080P screen display effect is also good. In addition, it draws on the design feature of IBM notebooks – the pointing stick, which can facilitate navigation. Unlike previous netbooks, the GPD Pocket’s screen is a touch screen, so in addition to using an external mouse and pointing stick, you can also touch the screen.

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