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Computers are getting smaller and smaller, evolving from desktop computers to handheld smart products. IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) has decided to subvert the market again. It announced at the “IBM Think 2018” conference held in Los Angeles recently that it is developing a “smaller than a grain of salt”. “Microcomputer”, known as the world’s smallest computer, may be available within 5 years.

The world's smallest computer is smaller than a grain of salt

It is reported that this chip, which is only 1 square millimeter in size and can only be seen clearly with a microscope, has a production cost of less than US$0.1, but it already has the server “x86” chip architecture and 100,000 transistors, which can analyze and process data. .

According to reports, the “microcomputer” is still in the first phase of testing and it is unknown whether it will be put into production. However, IBM intends to use it as a data source for the “blockchain” to detect data violations such as theft and fraud, and can also perform basic artificial intelligence tasks for the Data specific sorting.

Company representative Krishna speculated, “In less than five years, small computers anchored by passwords smaller than grains of salt and ink dots will be used in daily life.”

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