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Nowadays, everyone is already accustomed to taking selfies with their mobile phones, taking selfies and posting them on WeChat Moments, which has been integrated into daily life. But did you know that it’s been more than 170 years since the world’s first selfie was taken.

The world's first selfie

The first person to take a selfie was Robert Cornelius, in 1839, more than a year after the world’s first photograph of a human being. On a sunny day in October, Robert Cornelius set up a camera behind his father’s Gaslight Importing Company on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. After taking off the lens cap, he quickly ran into the frame, sat there for more than a minute, and then put the lens cap back on.

The photo he took at that time, above, became the first self-portrait photo in history and is also considered the world’s first successful portrait photo. Even if you look at it from today’s perspective, he is simply stunning. With his disheveled hairstyle, decadent and sharp eyes, unruly mouth, and built-in nostalgic filter, he can be called a classic!

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