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Doraemon is believed to be an unforgettable cartoon for many people born in the 1980s. Its pockets contain all kinds of black technologies: bamboo dragonflies, zoom flashlights, and the cabinet that leads to the future, etc., everything They are all full of wonderful memories, and the most powerful one is of course Doraemon wishful door, a door that can lead to anywhere instantly.

The VR experience of Doraemon wishful door is so dreamy

Japanese game developer Namco has turned Doraemon’s Wishful Door into reality. Through this door, you can have a face-to-face chat with Doraemon, and you can instantly go to Antarctica to experience the ice and snow, which makes you excited just thinking about it.

Of course, these scenes are not real. Use VR to experience it, put on special VR eyes, open the Ruyi door, and enter the place in our beautiful memories—Nobita’s room, the familiar desk, the familiar bookshelf, and the gong.


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