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Because the tail of the original mouse dragged a data connection, it looked like a small mouse. Later, people simply called it “Mouse”, which is the origin of the mouse.

The origin of the mouse

The original mouse was born in 1964. It was invented by American Dr. Douglas Engelba and was named “Display System X-Y Position Indicator” when applying for a patent.

The structure of the original mouse (but there is no “mouse” name yet) is relatively simple. There are two mutually perpendicular flake wheels (non-spherical) at the bottom. Each wheel drives a mechanical rheostat. When the mouse moves, Change the resistance value of the varistor. If the applied voltage is fixed, the intensity of the electrical signal fed back by the mouse will change. Using this changing feedback signal parameter, the system can calculate its displacement in the horizontal and vertical directions, and then generate a set of random Dynamic coordinates that change as the mouse moves. This dynamic coordinate determines the position and movement of the mouse on the screen, so it can replace the four keys of the keyboard, up, down, left, and right, allowing the user to position the cursor anywhere on the screen.

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