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According to news on February 24, the auction house RR Auction recently held an auction with the theme of “Steve Jobs and the Computer Revolution.” Auction houses expect the first Apple computer to sell for more than $500,000. An Apple-1 computer signed by Apple’s co-founder was unveiled. This is an Apple-1 that was handmade by Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak in the offices of Hewlett-Packard.

The first Apple computer sold for more than $500,000

It is reported that Apple-1 came out in 1976. After Wozniak built this computer, his friend Steve Jobs proposed the idea of selling this computer, so Apple-1 became Apple’s first product.

The computer went on sale in July 1976 for $666.66, a price chosen because Wozniak liked repeating numbers.

Now the price of Apple-1 ranges from US$400,000 to US$650,000, a price that has directly increased 975 times.

It is understood that only 200 Apple-1 computers have been produced, and 175 have been auctioned. So far, there are still 50 units on the market that have not yet been auctioned, and only 6 can work normally.

I have to admire the hobbies of the collecting community, especially players who have a special liking for electronic products and have a lot of money in their pockets. People who can buy an old computer for $650,000 really don’t care about the auction price.

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