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Water is a substance that can be polluted quite easily, but Austrian scientists recently announced that they created “the cleanest water droplets in the world” in a “vacuum” environment. The results were also published in the magazine “Science”.

The cleanest water drop in the world

Scientists from the Vienna University of Technology are studying how to make the cleanest water in the world. This research process is full of hardships, because water is really easily contaminated by trace substances.

And under normal conditions, there would never be 100% pure water, so in order to create it, they also built a special device.

The device is divided into many small rooms, one of which is in a vacuum state and has a “finger” hanging at minus 140 degrees Celsius. The researchers will take the water vapor from the room into the “vacuum room”, and then use the “finger” to ”, condensing it into icicles.

Finally, let it melt and drip onto a piece of titanium dioxide, and then quickly evaporate the water droplets into an “ultra-low pressure space” to create the “cleanest water droplets” without contacting the air.

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