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This automatic writing machine developed by a Japanese company is different from the previous machines that we know are filled with ink. Instead, you need to prepare your favorite pen (ball pen, pencil, or even fountain pen). Just put it in the machine. After the tenon is stuck, input the words you want to write, and adjust the size and writing range. After pressing the button, he will start writing for you ~

Students all dream of having an automatic writing machine

Different sizes, line spacing, and spacing are not a problem for this machine!
The most commonly used place is to write addresses, receipts, notes, etc. when the requirements are very clear. When the recipient sees the letter written so neatly, he will definitely feel very good!

But this machine, which is easy to use and can make people lazy, is not cheap. Sure enough, you still have to pay the price for being lazy. If you save effort and time, you can only use it to make money~

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