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Recently, the team of Professors Zhang Wei and Zhou Peng from the School of Microelectronics of Fudan University realized a disruptive two-dimensional semiconductor quasi-nonvolatile memory prototype device, creating a third type of storage technology. The Storage technology 10,000 times faster than U disk, and the data storage time can also be determined by yourself. This solves the difficult problem of “writing speed” and “non-volatility” in international semiconductor charge storage technology.

Storage technology 10,000 times faster than U disk

It is understood that there are currently two main types of semiconductor charge storage technology. The first type is volatile storage, such as the memory in a computer. The data will disappear immediately after power failure; the second type is non-volatile storage, such as the commonly used U The disk can store data for 10 years without additional energy after writing it. The former can write data in about a few nanoseconds, while the second type of charge storage technology requires several microseconds to tens of microseconds to save data.

The new charge storage technology developed this time not only meets the 10 nanosecond data writing speed, but also realizes the quasi-non-volatile characteristics of adjustable data customized on demand (10 seconds-10 years). This brand-new feature can not only greatly reduce storage power consumption in high-speed memory, but also enable data to disappear naturally after its validity period expires, solving the contradiction between confidentiality and transmission in special application scenarios.

This scientific breakthrough was independently accomplished by the scientific research team of Fudan University, with the State Key Laboratory of Application-Specific Integrated Circuits and Systems of Fudan University as the sole unit. This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China’s Outstanding Youth Project and Key Research Project.

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