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Recently, South Korea’s air taxi successfully tests flight. This aircraft is powered by electricity and can reach a speed of up to 80 kilometers per hour. It can transport up to 100 kilograms of cargo. It can also take off and land on water. Currently, it can only accommodate one adult.

South Korea's air taxi successfully tests flight

Jeju Island plans to commercialize “air taxi” in 2025. A number of “flying taxis” are under development.

As early as 2020, South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Company released a prototype of a flying taxi developed in cooperation with the American company Uber.

This flying taxi has a top speed of 290 kilometers per hour, a flying altitude of 300-600 meters, and can accommodate 5 people. It can also take off and land vertically and is less noisy than traditional helicopters.

The company said the vehicle is designed to free people from traffic jams and plans to put it into commercial operation within the next three years.

The Israeli Pentagon Taxi Company is also developing flying taxis, and the dream of “flying taxis that can be flown out of your home” is about to come true.

It is understood that this taxi is divided into two types: cargo and passenger, both of which use driverless technology. According to the Pentagon Taxi Company’s vision, the final object will be the size of an SUV.

The journey takes 90 minutes by bus and 45 minutes by car, but it only takes 10 minutes with this flying taxi.

In addition, the passenger version of the aircraft taxi can carry up to 4 passengers and is planned to be launched in 2026.

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