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Global climate change is causing glaciers and snow in the Earth’s polar regions to continue to melt. Record-breaking high temperatures have occurred in both the North and South Pole, accelerating the melting of glaciers and rising sea levels. Scientists suggest refreezing Earth’s poles.

Scientists suggest refreezing Earth's poles

Researchers at Yale University recently proposed a plan to refreeze the Earth’s polar ice by reducing exposure to sunlight and demonstrated that it is possible. The study has been published in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

It is reported that the plan is to use jet aircraft to spray tiny aerosol particles into the atmosphere at 60 degrees north and south latitude at an altitude of 13,000 meters.

Subsequently, these aerosol particles will slowly drift poleward and obscure the poles, reducing sunlight and thus lowering temperatures.

Based on the analysis, scientists believe that approximately 125 aircraft could carry enough material to lower the temperature in the polar regions by 2°C, which would return temperatures in the polar regions to pre-industrial levels.

However, scientists also acknowledge that this is a temporary strategy that does not replace global decarbonization efforts. The research is only a small step towards understanding the costs, benefits and risks of climate intervention in high-risk areas and illustrating the impact of these plans. It is useful in protecting polar ice caps and slowing global sea level rise.

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