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According to news on March 20, scientists from the University of Manchester in the United States have invented a new material called “StarCrete”, a material for building houses on Mars.

Scientists invent material for building houses on Mars

At present, the cost of building infrastructure in space is too high, and “interstellar concrete” provides a feasible solution.

Simply using simulated Martian soil mixed with potato starch and a pinch of salt, you can create a material that’s twice as strong as regular concrete.

In addition, they also discovered that a common salt, magnesium chloride, which can be obtained from the surface of Mars or the tears of astronauts, can significantly increase the strength of “interstellar concrete”.

The researchers calculated that a generation of 25 kilograms of dehydrated potatoes contains enough starch to produce nearly half a ton of “interstellar concrete”, which is equivalent to the amount of material of 213 bricks.

In addition, it will be more environmentally friendly if “interstellar concrete” is used on Earth. Cement and concrete account for about 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions because their manufacturing process requires very high firing temperatures and energy.

“Interstellar concrete” only needs to be made in an oven or microwave at normal temperatures, which can save even more energy costs.

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