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On September 25, a Canadian posted a video on social media. A robot dog wanders the streets alone at night. The people who filmed the video were shocked, but chose to say hello in a friendly manner. The robot dog turned its head toward the photographer, then seemed to take a few photos before leaving. The video has been viewed more than 10 million times on social platforms and sparked heated discussions. Some people praise the technology as cool, while others express fear and strongly criticize robotics.

Robot dog wanders the streets alone at night

It is reported that the robot dog is manufactured by Boston Dynamics.

On June 16, robot manufacturer Boston Dynamics announced that it will officially launch its four-legged robot Spot, priced at US$74,500. Spot can currently be used for measurement and data collection. In addition, it can also help users graze sheep on pastures, broadcast broadcasts, patrol, etc.

Boston Dynamics said it does not want the robot dog Spot to be used to harm or intimidate others. If these rules are violated, the license will be invalid and customers will not be able to use Spot.

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