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Lay’s, the world’s best-selling potato chip brand, recently launched a limited-edition micro finger-washing machine.

Potato chip maker launches hilarious finger-washing machine

Let’s face it, there are few things in the world more addictive than potato chips, but if there’s one thing everyone hates about them – besides making us fat – it’s the grease they leave on our fingertips . You need to have a napkin handy, lick your fingertips (duh!), or get up from the comfort of your couch and wash up when you’re done stuffing your face. Thanks to an ingenious marketing campaign, potato chip lovers now have another option – a tiny finger-washing machine designed to clean greasy fingertips.

This sounds silly, and it is. After all, who needs a fingertip washing machine? But the cool factor is definitely there too. The concept itself is interesting, but the fact that they made the unit look like a classic washing machine is pure genius.

All you have to do is press the on/off button, stick your greasy fingertips through the laundry door into the washer, and wait for the magic to happen. While not as advanced as modern viewing machines, this little thing has a clever sensing system that sprays aerosolized alcohol when it detects your fingertips inside the washer. The alcohol comes from a refillable container at the bottom of the mini-washing machine.

The fingertip washing machine has been making the rounds on Japanese social media lately, with countless people expressing interest in it, either as a collector’s item or just for fun. Unfortunately, only five of these devices are available, and not commercially, but through a special lottery.

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