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Recently, a company in Osaka, Japan, developed a new type of headrest designed to provide a comfortable nap environment in the office. The product, called “Gogo no Makura“, was developed by Atex, a company that deals in wellness equipment and bedding.

Pillow for sleeping on your stomach Gogo no Makura

Inspired by portable massage chairs, this headrest can be hung on a table. When people lean forward to take a nap, the headrest can support the face and chest without pressing the arms.

Natsuki Sato, 43, who was in charge of development work, became interested in her colleagues who were napping on their desks. During the investigation, she found that many people would put excessive tension on their shoulders and other body parts when sleeping on their desks, causing numbness in their arms and other parts. This headrest is 31cm long and 24cm wide and can support the head and other parts of the body. There is a hole in the center where the face meets the pillow to facilitate breathing and prevent indentations on the face.

The arms can be placed naturally on the table without being pressed by the face. In addition, the angle of Gogo no Makura can be adjusted to three levels (10 to 45 degrees), and the timer can be set up to 60 minutes (in one-minute increments). When the time is up, it wakes up the user with a gentle vibration. This headrest can also be hung on a chair without taking up too much space.

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