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The “Smart Mug” is a large cup with a simple design. We can see the LED temperature indicator on the outside, which allows us to easily control the drinking temperature of tea, coffee, hot cocoa and other drinks.

Optimum drinking temperature Smart Mug smart cup

“Smart Mug” has 6 LED temperature indicators. It starts at 50 degrees, and the temperature gets higher as it goes up. Above 75 degrees, the color of the indicator light will also turn orange, indicating that the drinking water is not at the optimal drinking temperature, and the temperature indicator There are Celsius and Fahrenheit. Moreover, the temperature of tea and coffee is specially marked. If the indicator light reaches this marked point, it indicates the optimal drinking temperature.

“Smart Mug” does not require charging or battery power to operate. It generates electricity from temperature differences, and its internal parts are completely isolated from the main body of the cup. It is waterproof and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

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