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At the 2019 Lenovo Innovation and Technology Conference, Lenovo announced the launch of the world’s first 5G computer. It is reported that this global 5G computer includes three core technologies: dual-standard full-band, frequency adaptive antenna, and dual-channel flash charging.

Lenovo launches first 5G computer

Jia Zhaohui, senior vice president of Lenovo Group and general manager of Global Consumer Business Department & Advanced Innovation Center, said that this computer will allow users to experience the speed and passion of 5G.

However, the detailed specifications of this computer are not yet available, and the official has not disclosed the specific launch time and price, only saying that it “will meet users soon.”

At the MWC Shanghai 2019 conference, Lenovo announced its first 5G laptop, internally codenamed “Wuju”.

As the first product of China Mobile’s 5G notebook “Honghu” plan, Lenovo “Wujia” is equipped with a 5G universal module defined by China Mobile. The maximum download speed can reach more than 1Gbps, and it takes less than 10 seconds to download a 1080P movie.

It is understood that Lenovo’s 5G notebook aims to develop a new 5G-connected PC that can maximize the potential of 5G communications in both work and operation. 5G notebooks have multi-gigabit data speeds, ultra-long battery life, always-on online experience, enterprise applications and security-rich functions, ultimately providing a superior mobile office experience.

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