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Holding an umbrella on a rainy day, I managed to keep my whole body dry, but when I closed the umbrella and prepared to enter the house or get in the car, I was sprayed into a mess and all my efforts were wasted. The design of the “KAZbrella” reverse folding umbrella keeps rainwater outside the umbrella, reducing the space for retracting the umbrella. After the umbrella is retracted, the rainwater can be contained inside the umbrella and will not drip everywhere.

Keep you from getting wet KAZbrella reverse folding umbrella

The designer listed various inconveniences caused by traditional umbrellas. For example, it requires a large space to close the umbrella, and it must be closed before entering the car. It has to be rained outside the car door for a few seconds, and the umbrella is soaked by the time it is closed. Rainwater drips everywhere, and the rainwater that enters the end of the indoor umbrella keeps dripping, which is unsightly and may wet the shoes. In the car, the seat cushions will be stained with water everywhere. In addition, heavy rain is usually accompanied by strong winds, and this umbrella can also protect against strong winds.

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