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Recently, Japan has invented smart tableware that will make food taste salty without adding too much salt in the future.

Salt adds flavor to food, but too much sodium can lead to cardiovascular disease or stroke. Recently, Japanese researchers have developed a smart tableware that uses electricity to make food salty without adding salt.
According to ODDITYCENTRAL, Meiji University has cooperated with development company Kirin Holdings for several years. In 2021, the team launched “TastetheTV”, which can imitate the taste of various foods. Users can taste different flavors by simply licking the screen.

The research team launched smart chopsticks that can transfer sodium ions in food to the mouth to enhance the flavor of food. However, because chopsticks have a small contact area and need to be connected to a power source to be used, the team continued to study other tableware.

Recently, the team has launched smart spoons and smart bowls, which have built-in batteries and can be used without being connected to a power source. According to reports, the new smart spoons and smart bowls can increase the saltiness of food by 1.5 times. In the future, you can use this tableware to increase the saltiness of food without adding too much salt, without worrying about consuming too much sodium.

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