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Yes, you really need to use the Apple Watch to use it. However, this Apple GameBoy is not used for playing, but as a GameBoy charging stand for charging the Apple Watch.

Finger-top GameBoy requires Apple Watch to play

This GameBoy charging stand is produced by the “Elago” brand, which mainly produces precision craftsmanship designs and has produced mobile phone charging stands that pay tribute to the old Macintosh computers.

As long as the magnetic charging cable is used, the charging effect can be achieved. The most important attraction of these two series is the retro features of the “Elago” brand, which makes the previous generation of Macintosh old Apple computers and the GameBoy charging stand produced this time have the same characteristics. Relive the feel of classic old appliances in the modern era. It is true that you need to use Apple Watch to play, but this GameBoy is not for playing games, but for charging.

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