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Products sold on the market now have packaging, and sometimes the quality of packaging can basically determine the sales volume of the product. However, in essence, packaging does not solve any problems except as a tool to attract customers’ attention. For example, we often drink mineral water in plastic bottles. Although plastic bottles can be recycled, it is actually difficult to avoid environmental damage. In view of this, a group of industrial designers from London designed an edible mineral water bottle.

Edible mineral water bottle

This edible mineral water bottle is named “Ooho” and its main materials are sodium alginate and calcium chloride. Brown algae and calcium chloride are made into a double-layer film, and pure water is wrapped inside. It looks like a transparent water bag, but it actually contains edible gel, so this Ooho can be eaten and will be completely digested by the stomach. This edible water bottle is not only environmentally friendly, but also relatively cheap to make.

This kind of edible water bottle can be widely promoted because it is more environmentally friendly. Do you think so? Maybe we’ll be able to eat this kind of water bottle in the near future.

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