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A British scientist claims his team has found a way to make spider venom hot sauce that’s harmless to humans.

Do you dare to eat the spider venom hot sauce made by scientists

Steve Trim, the scientist who invented Steve’s Scientific Sauce, believes his hot sauce is the first venom sauce that tastes as close to real poison as possible without being harmful to humans.

Because the research team he leads has the ability to extract components from spider venom that are believed to be safe for human consumption. Feedback from diners who have tasted Venom Hot Sauce falls into two categories: those who love spicy food think it will be spicier, but it does heat the body and the texture is good.

Those who don’t like spicy food will find it very spicy, which makes Trim’s team feel quite successful.

They produced the first batch of 48 bottles of hot sauce, which was made with venom extracted from 300 spiders. Due to the overwhelming response from the market, all of them have been sold out.

Trim said that due to the high level of inquiries, his team has begun developing a new dipping sauce, which will be launched under the name “Venomaise” in the second half of this year, and is also developing poisonous pepper cheese bread, which also hopes to be launched within the year.

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