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Moscow furniture design studio Aotta Studio has designed a capsule-like micro kitchen “LOLO” that can store the utensils needed for the kitchen, allowing you to have a mini pantry in your home suite, studio or office!

Cute micro kitchen with any combination of LO-LO

Aotta Studio was co-founded by Tanya Repina and Misha Repin. Both of them believed that it is very important to take proper breaks while working, so they designed the micro kitchen LOLO. In addition to the oval appearance, LOLO also has eyes, a mouth and bird feet, and its appearance is very pleasing. It has 2 to 3 cabinets of different sizes, allowing people to combine different compartments according to their own needs. There can also be dividers inside the drawers so you can easily sort utensils and snacks.

LOLO can have more than ten different variations, and can perfectly store everything from a bottled water dispenser to a microwave oven, as well as something as small as biscuits and snacks. It adopts an upright design, can be moved anywhere, is highly mobile, and does not take up much space. If every office has a mini pantry, it might be able to reduce stress and improve work efficiency for office workers!

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