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The beauty of an hourglass is that you see the sand going down, grain by grain. It’s beautiful, no doubt, but from an experience standpoint, it gives you a basic idea for a minute and that’s it. The Chrolo ball timer design fills all the experience gaps faced in a sand bottle hourglass.

Brand new hourglass concept Chrolo ball timer

You can’t count down from minute to minute because the flow of sand is continuous and not broken down into seconds. What’s more, if you take your eyes off the hourglass, you have no way of knowing when the minute is over, it’s purely a visual experience.

The “Chrolo” design fills all the experiential gaps faced in a sand bottle hourglass, with the 3D printed structure providing a path for the ball to move down.

Each time the ball moves to the other end, it simulates a clock ticking sound so you can count the seconds. It also means you don’t need to keep an eye on the hourglass while it’s working.

The ball takes 60 seconds to complete from start to finish, and its visual and auditory experience is further enhanced by a brass ring at the base, with which the ball will collide after 59 ticks. After the collision, there will be a “ding” sound, indicating the end of one minute. If you want to add more time, just add another ball on top after you hear the “ding” sound.

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