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This time, technology geek Musk did not release rockets, satellites, or hyperloops, but instead released the first brain computer interface system for the two-year-old startup Neuralink.

Brain Computer Interface System

During the Q&A session after the press conference, Musk said that the Neuralink team has successfully allowed a monkey to control a computer through its brain. He also revealed that clinical trials in human patients are also possible.

In fact, brain-computer interface technology is not a new concept. With the development of this technology, it has gradually penetrated from academia into the entrepreneurial circle. It has already surpassed science fiction and is close to reality. It is considered to be the next trend in the AI era.

Can connect and interact with iPhone

Neuralink, founded in 2017. The goal is to develop ultra-high-bandwidth brain-computer interface systems to achieve coexistence with artificial intelligence.

Now, Musk has taken a big step forward towards this great goal.

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