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In our solar system, it is said that there once was a large planet with a high degree of civilization between the earth and Venus – Maya (this is our earth’s neighbor), and it was smashed by uninvited guests from outside the system. Some people have been thinking this way for many years: This alluring “legend” is actually quite convincing, and one day, this legend will be “corrected”.

Are the Mayans from extraterrestrial origin

Let’s look at some evidence——

Evidence 1:

In our solar system, there is only a small planet belt (also called the meteorite belt) between the Earth and Venus. Most meteorites that usually break into the Earth’s atmosphere come from this asteroid belt. Almost all of the nearly 5,000 asteroids that have been discovered, such as “Ceres”, “Pallas”, and “Vesta”, were discovered in this area. Scientists predict that this asteroid belt contains at least 1.5 million asteroids.

Apart from the fact that large planets (such as Maya) were blown apart to form this asteroid belt, what other reason could there be for so many asteroids (meteorites) to be formed so densely? No scientist can tell us.

Evidence two:

Outside the solar system, a large planet of unknown origin “broke” into the solar system and knocked over the large planet Uranus in the solar system. As a result, Uranus is still “lying” in orbit around the sun; it also changed the rotation directions of Jupiter and Saturn. The interference caused it to “go in the opposite direction” compared to some satellites; it then reversed the rotation direction of Venus, making it different from the other eight planets in that it rotates from west to east, but it still rotates alone from east to west; and finally completely smashed Maya. star, and died together with Maya, forming the asteroid belt we know today. Even Pluto was a part of Maya that was knocked away (why is Pluto so far away so small?).

It’s not impossible. In addition to uninvited visitors running rampant in the solar system, what factors can change and affect the “destiny” of more than half of the major planets in the solar system at once?

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