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Recently, the European company Greta & Starks is currently planning to develop Starts AR, an AR glasses that can automatically translate for the deaf and hearing-impaired.

AR glasses that can automatically translate

The AR glasses are equipped with a display screen that can be adjusted to different angles and a built-in receiver that can convert speech into text so that deaf and hearing-impaired people can see the conversation information.

The sound-to-visual conversion application previously developed by Greta & Starks has been launched on the iOS and Android markets. This AR glasses will be another new direction for the company’s development.

In addition to the deaf and hearing-impaired, ordinary people can also use this AR glasses to translate movie dialogues into their native language.

In this way, the era of saying goodbye to subtitle groups is coming.
Over the years, the subtitle group has gradually become a complete industrial chain. While bringing convenience to film and television enthusiasts, it has also given rise to a series of legal issues. The emergence of Starts AR will solve all these regrets.

Goodbye, subtitler!

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