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According to the BBC, Amazon has launched a new payment system for physical stores, Amazon One, which allows customers to pay with just a shake of their hand. Amazon mentioned that the system can also be used for admission authentication.

Amazon One New Payment System

The new system, called Amazon One, scans and records images of consumers’ palms. Consumers only need to wave their hands in mid-air for about one second to complete the payment. This product will be trialled first at Amazon’s two physical stores in Seattle, USA.

According to reports, in most retail stores, as long as relevant equipment is installed at the checkout counter, “Amazon One” can become an alternative method of payment or membership card swiping in the traditional sales system. At the same time, this system can also be used for admission verification in places such as gymnasiums, or as an alternative to swiping ID cards to clock in and out.

Palm scanning is not a new technology and is already used in some commercial applications. “Palm authentication is established by capturing the palm vein pattern. Since each finger vein is different for each person, and the veins are hidden under the surface of the skin, it is extremely difficult to forge.” Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, UK Dr. Basel Halak from the Academy explains, “The level of security of palm verification is similar to that of a fingerprint scan, but it can also be sensed from a few inches apart, making it easier to operate. Compared to other forms of authentication, such as Physical devices, biometric authentication based on physical characteristics that remain unchanged throughout life, are much more difficult to counterfeit, alter or steal.”

According to reports, registering for this palmprint recognition payment account does not require opening an Amazon account. Users only need to insert their bank card into the device and then follow the on-screen instructions to associate their palmprint with the payment method. Amazon promises that users’ palmprint information will not be stored in physical stores, but will be encoded and saved in the cloud. Users can delete their information at any time through the website.

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