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John Pfaff, a professor in New York, USA, posted on the Internet that he found a 30-year-old Apple computer Apple IIe① in the attic of his home. He was surprised that it still worked after being plugged in.

Accidentally discovered an Apple computer from 30 years ago

When he inserted a disk, the system asked him if he wanted to read the previously saved progress, which made him feel like he was back in time when he was 10 years old.

Not only that, but there is also an “adventure diary” written 30 years ago, which says that when I was on the shore of the lake, the things I could see were water, golden fish, and a sign saying no swimming here.

The professor also successfully started the games of that year, including various ancient and classic video games, such as Adventureland, Neuromancer and Olympic Decathlon. Although it is difficult to play without a game controller, he said that he did not know if he could find such a socket and use it. Where’s the handle?

Not only did he open the game, Professor Pfaff also found his middle school homework stored on the disk, but unfortunately he could no longer open it.

What moved him most unexpectedly was finding in his computer the letter his father wrote to his 11-year-old professor after he went to summer camp in 1986. Because his father passed away a year ago, I found such an ordinary letter he gave me. Stuff, really great.

When the professor’s son saw this Apple computer, he was surprised and said, “Is this a computer?” It may even feel silly, but for many people, the Apple IIe was the tear of the times.

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