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According to media reports, a very large Zambian emerald weighing 5,655 carats was discovered at the Kagem mine, which is owned by London-based jewelry manufacturer Gemfields.

Zambian emerald weighing 5,655 carats

Geologist Debapriya Rakshit and veteran miner Richard Kapeta discovered the 5,655-carat gemstone.

The mine named the gem Lion to commemorate the contribution and efforts of animal conservationists in Zambia. Professionals describe the stone as having “extraordinary clarity and a perfectly harmonized golden-green hue.” Elena Basaglia, a gemologist at Gemfields, said: “There is currently an incredible demand for high-quality emerald stones, especially in Europe, where many brands appreciate the rich color and unique transparency of our stones – qualities that make them popular in the market. Unique among emeralds.”

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