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The world’s oldest spider dies aged 43 after being stung by a wasp, researchers say. This trap spider has a record-breaking longevity.

World's oldest spider dies 43 years old

The Pacific Journal of Conservation Biology reported that the lifespan of this female trap spider has broken the record. The last long-lived spider was a 28-year-old wolf spider found in Mexico. This long-lived spider, named “No. 16,” died not from old age but from a wasp sting.

trap spider

It is reported that trap spiders are 1 to 3 centimeters long. The chelicerae are well developed and the front end is composed of several rows of spines. Most species have only 4 spinners. There are about 500 species in the world. They live in underground burrows lined with silk membranes. Most cave entrances have a removable, openable cover, and the cover is camouflaged. Female spiders rarely leave their burrows except when hunting. But male spiders wander around looking for females.

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