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Recently, a piece of news has attracted people’s attention. An international research team specializing in interpreting recipes has successfully deciphered a 4,000-year-old written recipe recorded in cuneiform script. Regarding this cookbook, relevant sources stated that it has a history of 4,000 years and is the oldest recipe in the world today.

World's oldest recipe discovered

This 4,000-year-old written recipe was mainly carved on clay tablets using ancient Babylonian and Assyrian characters. It belongs to the Mesopotamian civilization, which now covers countries such as Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

As for the above-mentioned clay tablets that record written recipes from 4,000 years ago, they are currently stored in the Babylonian Research Center at Yale University. Three of them were produced around 1730 BC, and the other one was about 1,000 years later. This cookbook records 25 unique recipes, but there are no specific cooking methods. It simply lists the required ingredients and basically only has four lines of text. In addition, there are some recipes recorded in foreign languages, indicating that cultural exchanges at that time were very close.

For example: One recipe for lamb says to cook the meat in boiling water, add fine salt, dry barley cakes, onions, Persian scallions and milk. Crush it and add the leeks and garlic.

It is said that “food is the first necessity of the people”. After people invented writing, many of the recorded materials were about food. We cannot yet call it “food”, but we can call these recorded documents “recipes” “.

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