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Scientists have discovered dozens of dinosaur footprints in shale on Scotland’s Skye Island. The footprints have three toes and sharp claws. It is judged that these footprints were left by carnivorous dinosaurs and sauropods in the muddy lagoon 170 million years ago. This is the largest dinosaur footprints discovered in the world so far.

World's largest dinosaur footprints discovered in Scotland

Research shows that the owner of the footprints lived during the Middle Jurassic era. Their discovery is considered to be of great international significance because fossil finds from the Middle Jurassic are so rare that scientists from the University of Edinburgh said the Middle Jurassic was “an important period in the evolution of dinosaurs.”

Scientists say the new site contains two species of dinosaurs – a long-necked relative of Brontosaurus and a sharp-toothed relative of Tyrannosaurus rex. They lived in the surrounding shallow lagoons at a time when Scotland’s climate was very warm and dinosaurs were beginning to conquer the world.

They show that dinosaurs seemed to have a certain civilization and could coexist peacefully.

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