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Galapagos was a very important stop on the famous voyage of the famous biologist Charles Robert Darwin. In Darwin’s notes, he wrote about a rocky sea arch. This arch is later known as the Darwin Arch. Today, The arch collapsed due to natural erosion.

World Heritage Darwin Arch collapsed!

The Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment posted news of the collapse of Darwin Arch on Facebook. The Ministry of Environment stated in a statement, “According to reports, the beautiful natural stone bridge, Darwin Arch, less than 1 kilometer away from Darwin Island, has collapsed.” The Ministry of Environment also pointed out. , the reason for the collapse of this natural arch was “natural erosion.” From the official photos, it can be seen that only two stone pillars of the Darwin Arch are left.

Washington Tapia, director of the local nature reserve, said that Darwin Arch is a memory we have grown up with, and it was really shocking to see it collapse. But from a scientific perspective, it’s caused by climate and erosion, and it’s something that happens all the time on Earth.

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