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A world-class sinkhole complex was discovered in Napo County, Guangxi, China. The volume of these sinkholes is more than one million cubic meters and they are well preserved. Some are developed on plateaus with an altitude of more than 1,000 meters, and some are distributed in a bead shape along the underground river tracks. The discovery of the Napo sinkhole Group has important scientific value for improving the theory of sinkhole evolution, and has high tourism development value.

World-class sinkhole cluster appears in Guangxi

What does the world-class sinkhole complex in Guangxi look like?

It is understood that tiankeng is formed by the collapse of carbonate rocks after long-term erosion by underground rivers, forming caves. Tiankeng is a rare geological phenomenon, which usually takes about 500,000 years to form. The tiankeng group is the first geological landscape discovered in the northernmost boundary of humid tropical and subtropical karst landforms. This is beyond the expectations of all geologists.

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