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Vampire squid discovered in Gulf of Mexico

This was captured by a remotely operated submersible just days after the survey began in the deep-sea area of the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists are still unsure what species it is, but speculate it may be a vampire squid (also known as a ghost octopus).

Vampire squid, also known as vampire squid, vampire octopus, ghost octopus. The vampire squid looks like it swam out of a late-night science fiction movie. It has two large fins on its body that look like two ears; its jelly-like shape is more like a jellyfish than a squid or a squid. Squid (it is not actually a squid, but a close relative of them); its sapphire-like eyes are very large. It is a small animal, only 15.2 centimeters long, but its spherical eyes are as big as those of a large dog. Scientists speculate that it is the common ancestor of squid and octopus before they differentiated.

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