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Recently, American explorer Daryl Miklos an unidentified object found in Bermuda Triangle. According to him, this may be the first evidence of alien spacecraft visiting Earth hundreds of years ago.

Unidentified object found in Bermuda Triangle

A secret map produced by Miklós and his friend, American astronaut Gordon Cooper, discovered some objects that appeared to be shipwrecks in the Caribbean. This discovery has been broadcast on the Discovery Channel’s “Cooper’s Treasures” column for two consecutive episodes.

By piecing together several maps Cooper produced in the 1860s, Miklos identified more than 100 magnetic anomalies in the Caribbean Sea. He dives into uncharted waters near the Bahamas to investigate what he initially believes to be an ancient shipwreck.

However, on the unidentified object, the veteran treasure hunter discovered a strange structure he had never seen before: protrusions sticking out of its sides.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, Miklos, 55, described his discovery. He believes the accidental discoveries his team has made in recent months could shock the world

“We were filming a scene where I was in a two-man submersible and we were following a lead to a British shipwreck that was linked to Sir Francis Drake,” Miklós recalled.

“I was trying to identify the materials of the shipwreck based on Gordon’s diagrams, but I found some protrusions that shocked me. They were not constructed like anything I had seen related to a ship, and for a ship they were It’s too big,” he said.

“They were completely different from anything I’d ever seen on Earth,” Miklos said, “like five arms sticking out of a steep wall, each as long as a gun on a battleship. They were It’s huge, five in a group, totaling fifteen.”

Miklós said the presence of identical structures in three different areas at the same time doesn’t look like something from Earth, they don’t look man-made. “I’ve been in this business for a few years and they’re definitely something I’ve never seen before,” he said. “We compared the types of materials in different shipwrecks and they didn’t look like any of them.”

According to reports, the lowest part of the wreckage is 90 meters below the surface of the water, and divers must use special breathing apparatus and the most advanced submarines to enter.

Miklós and his team also found other structures that were too strange to explain in the main part of the ship, which were covered in thick coral. Miklós believes the corals have been around for at least hundreds of years.

Back on his ship, Miklos decided to dig deeper into Cooper’s files to find more evidence.

Miklós believes it is significant that when Cooper refers to the object in the diagram, he writes “unidentified object” and does not mention any ancient shipwreck.

“I looked into some of Gordon’s forms and I knew he was referring to something else,” Miklós said. “The fact that it wasn’t identified as a shipwreck made sense to me. He definitely meant there was something from Earth. Something other than that.”

Miklós said Gordon believed in aliens. “He believes we will have visitors from other planets, and he also believes that some of these visitors have already been to the Bermuda Triangle.”

It is reported that Gordon Cooper is a former NASA astronaut who has carried out the Mercury-Hercules 9 and Gemini 5 missions, paving the way for humans to successfully land on the moon. He was the first American to fly into space twice and the first to conduct a televised flight from space.

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