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Each country has a completely different way of life due to geographical environment, climate and other reasons. Some things that are common here are rare in other countries, and even the causes of injuries may be the same. Amino Insurance Company analyzed compensation cases filed over the past year. After taking stock of the causes of accidental injuries, we found that accidents are indeed accidents, and any imaginable or unexpected cause of injury can occur.

Unbelievable accidental injuries

For example, being knocked down by a cow, pig, horse, or chicken

Of course, most of these accidents happen on farms (after all, it is impossible to encounter so many animals on the road). Whether it is people working on the farm or people visiting the farm, they are unable to prevent themselves from encountering these dangers. It can only be said that they are coming. Don’t underestimate the explosive power of animals here?

Cattle – 1,700 cases

Horse– 700 cases

Pig – 300 cases

Bumping into furniture – 25,500 cases

Hitting the wall – 17,200 cases

Hitting a street light – 400 cases

Otherwise, you’re blind and bumping into things.

This part is related to a cultural disease, which is nothing more than using a mobile phone while walking without paying attention to the obstacles in front of you, and just bumping into it.

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