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People have been claiming to see UFO for a long time, but the scientific community has more or less dismissed them as nonsense. Although this situation has not changed much in the modern era of the gradual revival of UFO science, some maverick scientists are still trying to find ways to bring academic rigor to UFO research.

UFO have gone from pseudoscience to serious science

According to the report, three directors, including Hoffman, manage a non-profit scientific organization called the UAP Research Science Union (SCU). UAP, which stands for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, has now replaced the term UFO because many people believe the term UFO carries too much cultural baggage.

“There are not many UFO organizations left,” said Hoffman. “The few remaining organizations have their own unique contributions to the phenomenon, but most of them are collecting data rather than conducting long-term scientific research on the cases.”

SCU’s size is unique in that it collects data for analysis and study by experts in the scientific community, and then generates peer-reviewed papers for publication in journals and websites, Hoffman said. The SCU does not collect daily reports of people claiming to have seen UAPs, but digs deeper into more complex cases where sensor data such as radar tracking information and video may be available.

To begin bridging the gap between the UFO research community and the scientific community, SCU assembled a team to begin writing a peer-reviewed journal.

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