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The current “God of Instant Noodles” American blogger Hans Lienesch introduced the “Top 10 Instant Noodles in the World” list. Which super instant noodles are on the list? Let’s drool together now!

top 10 instant noodles in the world

No. 10 Jedi Braised Rib Flavor Dry Noodles
This kind of instant noodles is very popular abroad, and you can see various tasting articles on the Internet. With lots of meat and springy noodles, you can definitely have a full meal and be very satisfied!

No. 9 Demae Itcho Spicy Pork Bone Soup Flavored Sticky Noodles
The upright noodles, which are called “stick noodles” in Hong Kong, are one of the many portable noodles sold by Demae Itcho. If you have eaten it, you should know that the soup is very rich and spicy, and it will keep you eating for a long time. I’ll make you want to eat another bowl! Just thinking about it makes me drool…

No. 8 Taiwanese liquor Pasida
Taiwanese instant noodles are here! When I see Taiwanese wine, I believe that the one that my friends in Taiwan are most familiar with is Huadiao Chicken Instant Noodles, right? But I think the white wine Pasida is even better~ Adding their complimentary white wine to the instant noodles, and mixing it with American-style white sauce, it simply brings out a new flavor. It is completely an international event.

No. 7 Mom’s Old Chengdu Dandan Noodles
The Chengdu Dandan Noodles, which come from Taiwan’s Mom’s Noodles, originate from the Guanmiao District of Tainan. They combine the taste of Sichuan peppercorns and sesame sauce, making you feel like you’re back in the old days and full of nostalgic taste!

No. 6 Red Chef Green Hot and Sour Noodle Soup
This instant noodles is definitely a favorite among many friends in Malaysia. I think the Red Kitchen Green Sour and Spicy Noodles not only have a moist texture, but the hot and sour flavor does not affect the sweetness of the soup. After eating it, you will feel like you are still unfinished!

No. 5 Prima curry ramen
This curry instant noodles from Singapore is something I have to buy and eat whenever I visit there. This instant noodles are very smooth and the aroma of curry makes you want to take one bite after another!

No. 4 CarJEN Nyonya Curry Laksa Nyonya white curry noodles
The very famous Malaysian traditional delicacy “Nyonya” is blended with soy milk paste and sesame seeds. It is very fragrant when paired with curry. This dish has always been a regular on the instant noodles list!

No. 3 MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodles
This Malaysian Penang white curry noodle is also flavored with coconut milk, giving it a special texture with a tropical feel!

No.2 Red Chef Sakura Shrimp Spicy Noodles
Like the sixth place, both are from the red system, and the spiciness of this instant noodles is said to be unbearable. Is it really that spicy? Friends who like spicy food are welcome to try it.

No.1 Prima Laksa Salad Noodles
Singapore’s Prima Laksa Salad Noodles really won’t fall off the list. Just because of its big bowl and rich soup, many people keep buying it again! Winning first place is well deserved.

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