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Top 10 incredible animals in the world, how many do you know? In this world, we humans understand less than one-tenth of the natural world, and there are many creatures waiting for our exploration and discovery. Now shareknowledge will introduce you to the top 10 incredible animals in the world, let’s get to know them together.

Top 10 incredible animals in the world

1. Green leaf sea slug

The green leaf sea slug looks very strange just by its appearance. It is a kind of mollusk that can integrate seaweed genes into its own chromosomes, then perform photosynthesis and maintain its normal survival.

2. Axolotl

The axolotl is a weird-looking amphibian that looks like a fish or a lizard. Its skin has no scales, and there will be no scars during tissue regeneration, and it can perfectly replicate the previous body parts.

3. Lighthouse jellyfish

Jellyfish is actually a relatively common animal. The reason why the lighthouse jellyfish is incredible is that it can achieve “immortality”. After experiencing sexual maturity, this jellyfish will return to the polyp form again and continue to repeat this process.

4. Basilisk lizard

Basilisk lizards are mainly distributed in tropical rainforests. What makes them special is that this lizard has the ability to walk as fast as flying. It can run quickly on the water. It also looks very strange, completely different from ordinary lizards.

5. Water bear

The appearance of the water bear looks very funny, and it feels like watching an anime. Its incredible aspect is mainly reflected in the living environment. General species are basically unable to survive in an environment of 151 °C or -272.8 °C, but However, tardigrades can survive such temperatures and even vacuum, high radiation, and high pressure conditions intact.

6. Gun shrimp

The gun shrimp is actually not that big, and its appearance is not much different from other shrimps. However, at less than 10cm long, it can make the loudest noise in nature, and the water sprayed when hunting can directly kill animals, the low-pressure bubbles caused can sometimes reach 4700 degrees.

7. Archerfish

The archerfish is relatively small, about 20cm in length, and its appearance is similar to that of ornamental fish. It is currently mainly distributed in the Pacific region. This fish hunts by spraying water droplets from its mouth, and can shoot insects directly from the water surface.

8. Hummingbird

The hummingbird is known as the smallest bird in the world. It looks very cute, but its flying speed is only a few seconds. The flapping of its wings is extremely beneficial, and it can stop flying in the flowers or fly upside down.

9. Lyrebird

The appearance of the lyrebird is very beautiful. It is named because its tail resembles a harp when it is spread out, but its uniqueness is not just that. During the courtship process, the male lyrebird will also imitate the sounds made by other creatures. Sometimes Even imitating mechanical sounds.

10. Flying fish

Flying fish is actually a relatively rare fish, mainly found in tropical or temperate areas. As its name suggests, this fish can fly and can glide at an altitude of about 50 meters, and its long pectoral fins look like wings.

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