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An average adult giraffe is about 6 meters tall, but conservationists recently discovered two giraffes less than 3 meters tall in Uganda, making them the shortest giraffe in the world.

The world's shortest giraffe

One of the Nubian giraffes, named Jimil, is 2.86 meters tall, while the other Angolan giraffe named Nigel is even shorter, only 2.59 meters tall. Scientists first discovered Jimil in 2015. At that time, Jimil had problems with his body proportions.

Scientists then began taking regular photos to monitor the height changes of the two giraffes. Comparative research found that the reason why these two giraffes are abnormally short is that they suffer from dwarfism, which is short stature due to skeletal dysplasia. Normally, dwarfism would greatly reduce an animal’s survival rate, but given that the two giraffes are already adults, scientists do not believe that dwarfism will shorten their life expectancy.

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