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The “Jade Carving Great Wall” was jointly built by Liu Guoxiang, a researcher at the Institute of Archeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Sun Liguo, a master of Chinese arts and crafts as the chief designer. They led a jade carving team of 35 people and took 14 months to build it as a tribute to the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China.

The world's largest jade carving Great Wall

The jade carving Great Wall is made of Xiuyan jade Wang Hua Jade weighing 118 tons. It is nearly 6.5 meters long, more than 3 meters high, nearly 4 meters thick, and has a maximum circumference of nearly 17 meters. This is the largest jade carving “Great Wall” in China and even the world today, and it is the pinnacle of contemporary “Xiuyan work”.

Xiuyan County has successively cultivated a number of leading enterprises in jade culture with distinctive characteristics and at the forefront, trained a number of jade carving masters and young jade carving talents with superb skills and courage to innovate, and created a number of nationally influential masterpieces, which are powerful It has improved the grade and level of the development of Xiuyan jade industry.

The giant jade carving Great Wall integrates and develops the traditional Chinese jade culture and the Great Wall culture. It is valuable for further inheriting and carrying forward the national culture of Xiuyan jade roots, resounding and polishing the “China Jade Capital” brand, and promoting Xiuyan jade industry to the whole country and the world, important and far-reaching impact.

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