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Xinjiang Hami Stone Appreciation Culture Museum is a private museum that was officially opened in September 2018. Recently, some netizens posted a video of the strange stone feast in the museum online, which attracted the attention of many netizens who thought it was true.

The world’s first strange stone feast

Staff member Ms. Liu introduced that this table is a “special dish” for the “Manchu-Han banquet” stone banquet composed of 1,088 various types of strange stones. It is composed of petrified wood, agate, jade, volcanic stone, chicken blood stone, etc. The giant “banquet table” is 16.8 meters in diameter. It covers an area of 222 square meters, which is larger than an ordinary family house.

There are 1088 “dishes” on the table, which are based on the Manchu and Han banquet dishes. Highlighting the food characteristics of Xinjiang, hot and cold dishes, meat and vegetables, soups, dried fruits, and fresh vegetables are all available, and the “No. 1 Banquet in the World” with more than a thousand dishes has now applied for the Guinness World Record.

According to reports, the No. 1 Banquet in the World is the largest “Man-Han banquet” strange stone banquet in China. The 1,088 strange stone dishes are all presented by the original stones, their original state and appearance, without any processing or carving, and they are a natural strange stone banquet.

Among them, more than 80% of the strange stones are from Hami, Xinjiang. Hami is one of the three most famous stone sites in the country. Such a banquet of strange stones was once valued by experts at 680 million yuan.

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