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The highest island in northern China is called Lingshan Island. There are only 11 people in the entire middle school on Lingshan Island. There is no fresh water on the island. This is an island with extremely poor material resources. But, can you imagine? There is actually a magnificent shell building hidden here.

The world's first shell building

The three large shells from left to right are spider snail, tango snail and phoenix snail. The key is that this shell building is the first privately built shell building in China to be covered with 500 kinds of rare shells. This is the first time in Chinese history, and it has also applied for Guinness World Records…

The man who built this shell building is called Xiao Yongsheng.

He is a retired soldier and a native resident of Lingshan Island.

After retiring, he was offered a job in Qingdao, but he refused and returned to Lingshan Island, where he was born and raised, and did a great thing:

I borrowed 600,000 yuan from all over the place and built a shell building!

He also mortgaged all his belongings!

The world's first shell building

People around me couldn’t understand: “You are already so old. If you don’t take care of yourself, why are you doing this?”

Some people even privately laughed at Xiao Changsheng for being stupid and not having much support. Why would you, an ordinary resident, spend all your belongings to build a shell building?

But Xiao Yongsheng said: “There is no school on the island. When the children grow up, they will definitely go to school outside. I just want to build a shell building so that the children who go out can come back and see what is different about Lingshan Island.” The place.”

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