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The London authorities recently approved a project to build a 55-story skyscraper with a panoramic infinity swimming pool on the top. The infinity swimming pool will be made of clear acrylic and occupy the entire roof of the building.

The world's first infinity swimming pool

The water is flush with the transparent walls, allowing for unobstructed views of the British capital from any point in the pool. According to the architect’s vision, the facade of the swimming pool is consistent with the style of the building itself, and there are no external doors or stairs.

Additionally, the pool is designed to maintain the water level at all times, so users are wondering if the entrance is just below the pool, so how do you get into the pool without lowering the water level?

In addition, many questions remain for architects: Where will the rescuers be? Will it be too cold and windy at this altitude? What should pool users do if they need to use the toilet? If the water level rises, it will overflow and flow through the walls and windows of the building. Is the building wet all the time?

And the most important question is, what happens if the glass wall breaks? Is it like being washed away like a fish when an aquarium breaks?

So far, concept designers have provided answers to the main question: How to get in and out of the pool? Since the pool takes up the entire roof of the building, swimming will have to be done using a spiral staircase that rises from the bottom of the pool. In addition, project builders will install a special sluice there.

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